6 Blue Bathroom Ideas: Soothing Looks

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Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. It slows down the human metabolism, harvesting an effect of calmness which is very well needed in a bathroom. It is the color of the sky and the sea. Therefore, blue is considered beneficial for the human mind and the human body.

The shade of blue comes in various depth, from the very light ones like alice blue, light blue, and non-photo blue to the very dark ones like federal blue, oxford blue, and navy blue. There are several blue bathroom ideas for you to try, it is only a matter of time until you find the perfect shade for your bathroom.

Blue Bathroom Ideas

Blue Bathroom Ideas


For the kids, their brains are almost shooting up with excitement all the time. Therefore, the great choice of blue is a flashy one. It sparks up their mind and injects them with happiness. Do not be afraid to mix colors with this one. The flashier, the better. However, it turns out, as long as it is colorful, your kids will be very much likely to love it.

Try mixing it with the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Psychologically, colors do affect kids. Children prefer brighter colors because their eyes aren’t fully developed yet, they perceive bright colors better than paler shades. Thus, making it more stimulating and interesting for them. And colors are one of the first things they learn.

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Cool Blues for an Elegant Vibe

Cool Blues for an Elegant Vibe


With a wide range of color possibilities, a dark blue is surely an option. Dark blue gives a masculine, strong, and cozy feel to a bathroom. For a less intimidating look, try focusing on the walls and let it not be 100% dark blue, give it some accent by choosing little white or gold lines to go along your dark blue wall.

The elegance that dark blue naturally comes up with is undeniably haunting. And like a meal without a desert, your bathroom will feel just as lacking until you decide to put up a framed picture that aligned with the toilet.

For the color, remember to focus on three colors when it comes to dark blue: the dark blue itself, white, and gold. Your bathroom will unquestionably turn into elegance.

Blue Bathroom with Patterns

Blue Bathroom with Patterns


To avoid dullness, try a blue bathroom with patterns, you can go mosaic, floral, stripes, and so much more. The key is to mix it with white, it beyond any doubt, will give you the tranquility that you have been dreaming about.

Go full patterns, but make sure that you have consistency in the colors. Do not clutter your blue bathroom that is already crowded with patterns. Stick to two colors only: white and light blue—like we have discussed above.

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Blue Cobalt Tiles for the Walls

Blue Cobalt Tiles for the Walls


It has been a long time for cobalt compounds in producing blue glass and ceramics. Blue cobalt it basically a blue pigment that is created using chemical actions. Cobalt is not harmful; it is beneficial for humans because it is part of vitamin B12, which should be added to consideration for your blue bathroom.

They come in various size, but the most common ones are the smaller ones, they give you a sense of release as if you are out in the open as if you are out in nature.

A Sky-Blue Bathroom with Glossy Finish

A Sky-Blue Bathroom with Glossy Finish


A glossy finish to a wall is smoother to both the eye and to the skin. It is more appealing and is easier to clean because stains would glide off softer than it would with normal paint. A great pair to the glossy finish of your wall is patterned white tiles for the bathroom floor. The sky-blue bathroom with the glossy finish is all about that silky-smooth look. And that is how you achieve it.

To complete the look, you can hang a chandelier in the middle. Add twin mirrors and vanity, just like the picture above. See how that view spoil the eyes?

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Monochromatic Blue for a Wider Looking Space

Monochromatic Blue for a Wider Looking Space


A monochromatic blue is a choice when you want that clean, sleek, and upscale look. It also has the capability of making the room look bigger, how beneficial is that? A monochromatic blue is basically putting various shades of blue into your bathroom space. And to enhance the monochromatic blue, add some pop of color to it, and what can beat white? Nothing, especially when it is paired with blue.

So, to summarize the blue bathroom ideas you can go for, let’s do a little recap. Flashy blue bathrooms are for the kids. Dark and cool blues combined with white and gold are for elegance. Patterned blue tiles are for accents, blue cobalt tiles are for the perfect nature vibe, a glossy blue for the walls are for simplicity and beauty, and lastly, a monochromatic blue for a wider and cleaner looking bathroom.


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