6 Basement Bathroom Ideas for Small Space

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Some people own a basement, and some do not. A basement is basically the floor of a building that is below ground level, be it partly or entirely. A basement is usually necessary for those who live in cold climate, because in order to have a strong building, the foundation must be below the frost line.

Few people take advantages of their basement, some turning it into an office, a hidden living space, and some would love to add a personal basement bathroom. A basement is considered to be a space that has to be maximized. To fit your bathroom, we have come up with several basement bathroom ideas for the small space you might have.

Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas


Nothing closes a space like dark colors, well, and clutter. So, to contradict that and achieve what we are aiming for, which is to create a sense of openness in a small space is to go light colored. This is perfect for a basement bathroom because basement does not have windows. Painting the walls and stuffing the bathroom with a light-colored item will definitely bring an artificial brightness.

Going light color does not mean you cannot add some character to your basement bathroom, you still can install some grey granite tiles but note that the color must complement each other. Like the picture above, it has an overall light and bright look to it while still having some dark tiles on the walls and floor.

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Get creative and find out colors that complement one another.

Choose Bright Lights

Choose Bright Lights


To perfect the light-colored vibe that you can go for, add some bright light to the basement bathroom. This will instantly light up your basement bathroom ten times more. Be generous with the lighting. Aside from the openness, you would also experience a sense of class out of it.

You can install multiple build-in lamps up on the ceiling for a smooth look. Another way is to attach lamps to the side of the mirror, enhancing both the mirror and the basement bathroom all at once. If this still feels a little dark, try installing little lamps above the mirror, letting the mirror reflect the light provided by the lamps.

Low Ceiling

Low Ceiling


When working with a basement bathroom, you need to know the height of your ceiling. Because frankly, the ceiling of your basement is the floor above, making it impractical to have the second floor step up to create varied height ceiling in the basement below. But once you get the hang of it, nothing is stopping you from framing down a lower ceiling and continue making the best out of it.

Remove the need for a bulky cubicle, choose glass and keep the materials light and consistent throughout the bathroom. This will definitely help.

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Tiled Shower Wall

Tiled Shower Wall


A way to style up a small bathroom is by playing with the walls, try tiled shower walls for a more put together look for your basement bathroom. However, limit the tiled walls only on the shower area. By doing that, you are giving character and emphasizing the shower space.

Quick information, the most commonly used wall tiles are glazed ceramic and porcelain tile; they come in almost any size. However, porcelain is denser, less porous and is water resistance. It is suitable for great for keeping in heat, saving your feet from the cold in the shower.

Half Bath: Toilet and Sink Only

Half Bath: Toilet and Sink Only


The traditionally known bathroom is called a full bathroom, it includes shower, toilet, sink, and cabinet. However, there is also a bathroom that is called a half bathroom. Which only includes one toilet and one sink inside of the bathroom.

If in a case, you are stuck with a very small bathroom or if you chose to install this mini basement bathroom, there still is a way to make it happen. This is the emergency bathroom, the additional bathroom, the bathroom you use when you are in a hurry or the other one is currently in use. The best way to deal with this bathroom is to stick as simple and clean as possible, and that is by going toilet and sink only.

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Make yourself feel as if you are going to the lavatory of an airplane now and again.

Choose Concrete for Your Flooring

Choose Concrete for Your Flooring


Concrete for the basement bathroom flooring is great for its durability and range of styles, making it a focal point to the overall look. They look smooth and are totally safe to walk on when kept clean and dry.

If you are all about art, this might just be a bonus why you would choose concrete flooring. Concrete tiles are made with a mixture of cement, sand, finely powdered minerals, and color pigments. Each concrete is guaranteed to be different; you will not find two tiles alike. Somehow, they blend together well and do a great job in pleasing the eye.

Those are some of the bathroom ideas you can apply to maximize your basement bathroom.


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